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Haute-Couture, Entertainment & Design

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Craftsmanship, Creativity & Innovation

Since 1929, Maison Février has been synonymous with excellent craftsmanship, creativity and innovation.

Nestled in the heart of Paris, the master feather artisans behind the Maison Février bring life to each client's vison.

With exceptional expertise, Maison Février's skilled artisans are passionately committed to each individual demand in order to deliver impeccable results.

To this day, Maison Février has been devoted to conserving the distinction, as once was the norm in the 1920's, between their in-house specialities of "Autruche" and "Fantasie". This distinction that nowadays makes the Maison Février so singular, is one of the reasons why their ostrich boas are known to be the most lavish and durable in the world.

Haute-Couture, Entertainment & Design


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